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My winter project!

 I rebuilt the movements, reversed the great wheel, click, spring, escape wheel, and verge.

So now is runs backwards,
it goes Tock - Tick

Look close, the pendulum swings backwards....

Did some computer graphics, from original Kramer clocks,
then had a proper paper dial paper custom silk screened

A real eye catcher, makes you stop and think about what time it is

Actually, it's not difficult to tell the time, after a couple of days

These were originally made by the Waterbury Clock Co., and retailed by Kramer, to barber shops.
It would be hung on the wall behind the barber, so it could be viewed, correctly, in the mirror.

These are not original Kramer's,  But, they are original and antique school clocks I modified to run reversed

Guaranteed to get some interesting comments

barber shop clock

As seen in person


backwards running clock

As seen in the mirror

Kramer Service Co. Elkader, Iowa





Another one, in solid oak